Jonathan M. Winer has been a journalist, litigator, Senate counsel, investigator, diplomat, regulatory lawyer, international consultant, expert witness, and authority on legal issues involving the transit of information, goods, services, and people across national borders.

The Implications of Crossing Borders, Online and Off

I’ve spent most of my career working to understand how national borders facilitate, stop, slow, change, and transform goods, services, people, money, information, and ideas as they move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and from physical to digital spaces. I have especially focused on the how law and information technology feed off of one another, to create profound new challenges for the regulators and the regulated, those who want to make the rules- those who want to change them – people willing to challenge them – and people who just want to know what they are so that they can live by them and manage risk.

My publications page provides a few of the pieces I’ve written on such topics as money laundering, terrorist finance, corruption, cyber-crime and enforcement, data security, data protection and privacy, extradition and mutual legal assistance, internet gambling, how governments and people respond to crises (“high consequence events”) and a host of international security issues. For a broader view of my thinking and my history, please feel free to roam the Internet. There’s a lot out there.